Lucky number 7

First of all, I want to thank everyone for looking at my site and reading my first post. I did not expect the positive and supportive feedback that I received. It is much appreciated and truly means a lot to me. 🙂

Currently, I find myself awake preparing for surgery in the morning. This is lucky number 7….

You would think that after having 6 surgeries in the past, including the same surgery that I’m having tomorrow, would make it a little easier, right? But there is one thing I am feeling right now….


I am the type of person who loves planning and structure. I find comfort in knowing what comes next. Unfortunately with this surgery comes uncertainty. Will the surgery go well? How will the anesthesia interact with my POTS? What will recovery be like? This is the same surgery I had in November 2011 that left me pretty unfunctional for a solid month. Will I have the same fate with this surgery? It is all uncertain.

With that being said, I am preparing for the worst…praying for the best…and leaving the rest in God’s hands.


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