I find myself in the same situation I have been in every quarter of grad school so far. In the last couple weeks of every quarter so far, something has happened health wise. First quarter I had surgery a few days before my biostatistics final. Last quarter I was recovering from sinus surgery and then had sepsis. This quarter I am struggling health wise and now I am preparing for these procedures. I have decided to have the procedures instead of the surgery at this point in time. On May 29 and June 5 I will be having nerve blocks. Nerve blocks are done for people with pain and all other types of health problems. The experimental part is that it, as far as we(me and my team of doctors) know, has never been done on anyone with just POTS. Theoretically it should reset my autonomic nervous system temporarily and relieve me from my POTS symptoms. Theoretically. In all honesty, no one is really sure what will happen.
With that being said, I have been working. I have been doing my research and preparing for these procedures with a lot of testing for the best outcome possible. I have been extremely fatigued lately because my heart works so hard. I have also been living the life of a week 8 grad school student(thats why this post is late this week). My life is full of papers, projects and tests. My days are filled with work. I believe if it doesn’t feels like work then its not going to work. Nothing is ever easy and if it is then reevaluate its worth. You have to put in effort if you are going to get a reward. In this case, I hope all my work pays off.


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  1. Andrew Ellis says:

    Stay strong Natasha, praying that all goes well.

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