Life Is A Process

Recovery is truly a process. Life is actually a process. Learning is a process. I am still trying to recover from the sepsis and now being tested to see if the infection is still present in my body since I am still having symptoms. I am also being tested for a myriad of other health issues stemming from the sepsis and my POTS. We’ll see what happens.

This whole ordeal, especially the recovery process, has been stressful. I am unsure what the future holds. I am unsure what the present holds at this point. One thing I’ve learned from this is to stop worrying about everything. You don’t always have to be strong. You don’t always have to fight off those tears. Sometimes it’s good to let them flow and let it go. It is a cleansing. You cannot let it build up; you are only harming yourself more. It’s okay not to have it all figured yet. Give it time to unfold. Have faith.


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