The Storm Will Pass

This week has been a week of frustrations. I was battling with school and gaining approval for my internship. My POTS has been extremely symptomatic since my PICC line came out and had gotten to the point where I was not functional for a couple days. The first day of my journey on this blog started with my sinus surgery. Of course, when I woke up with a sinus headache and the start of a sinus infection on Friday I was beyond upset. After all I went through with the surgery, I really got another sinus infection already?! This is ridiculous. It just seemed like EVERYTHING was going wrong this week.

But the storm will pass…….

The last few days my POTS symptoms have improved so I am now functional again. The doctor told me that officially my sepsis is GONE! I am on antibiotics for the sinus infection. Last but not least, I finally got approval for my internship! This summer I will be headed to South Africa for 11 weeks to work on researching barriers to accessing health among the transgender population. A lot of you know how much this internship means to me and how this (plus the thought of seeing penguins on the beach in Cape Town) was what was keeping me happy during the sepsis situation. I fought HARD for approval for this internship and my hard work paid off. This internship is unpaid, so I am starting to fundraise for this opportunity. I have included the link below. Even if you can not donate, I would appreciate everyone spreading the word. Thank you everyone!!!

As always, I appreciate the support throughout my journey.


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